5 Best Amplifiers For Phone Speakers

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Using an amplifier for phone speakers is a great way for the hard of hearing to stay on top of all their most important conversations. Whether they provide tone clarity, speech-to-text transcription, or just a volume boost, the result is more pleasing phone time. See what other benefits a quality amplifier for phone speakers can offer, in my top ten list.

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Large Screen Captioned Telephone by Hamilton CapTel
Large Screen Captioned Telephone by Hami

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Portable Phone Amplifier by ClearSounds
Portable Phone Amplifier by ClearSounds

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1. Large Screen Captioned Telephone by Hamilton CapTel


Those who want to keep in touch with loved ones without missing a single word can’t do better than going with a top-of-the-line captioned telephone. You can amplify all of your conversations up to 40 db, using it as a normal phone. However, it also automatically captions your calls with easy-to-read text that appears on your screen in real time. Cap it off with large buttons and a quality speaker system and you will have everything you need to stay connected.

  • Unique voice-to-text captioning system
  • Amplifies up to 40 db
  • Conference calls can get confusing

2. Portable Phone Amplifier by ClearSounds


Simply plug into your home phone jack and connect to the handset of your choice and you can experience all of your phone conversation with clarity. It’s compatible with most corded phones, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your current equipment. Adjust the volume and tone separately for a customized listening experience.

  • Separate volume and tone controls
  • Works with most corded phones
  • Easy to install and use
  • Only for corded phones

3. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Jabra


This wireless speaker lets you turn any space into a conference room with a 360-degree microphone. It connects seamlessly with Microsoft Skype, letting you easily coordinate a video conference as well. And don’t worry about compatibility, because this product coordinates easily with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Lets you hear every speaker clearly
  • Features a convenient plug-and-play mode for popular apps
  • Lets you easily answer calls and adjust speaker volume
  • Is not water-resistant

4. Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Etekcity


Immediately enhance your standard sound experience by pairing this speaker with any of your bluetooth-enabled devices. The combination of the 4.0 Bluetooth chipset and 3W rate power gives you the clarity you’ve always wanted in a small package. Its compact size fits comfortably in your hand, making it convenient to throw into your favorite travel bag to take with you on the go. The skid-free bottom adds an extra layer of stability, letting you set it down securely on most surfaces.

  • The rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to eight hours of playtime
  • Built-in mic that supports hands-free phone call
  • May not provide the clarity of a dedicated ear piece

5. Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speakerphone by SoundWorks


The attention-getting curves of this portable speaker make it a fun alternative for amplifying the sound of your favorite mobile phone. It connects wirelessly to any bluetooth device, letting you experience 360-degree sound at any time. The heavy metal exterior protects the inner workings of your speaker while a lightweight design makes it easy to carry around with you.

  • Comes in six vibrant colors
  • Fits easily into the cup holder of your vehicle
  • Easy to use at work or at home
  • Lacks the power and battery life of larger models

Choosing the Right Amplifier for Phone Speakers

It doesn’t matter if its a pleasant conversation with a family member or an important talk with your doctor, getting crystal clarity on all calls is a must. Find out which type of phone can make this a reality for you.

  • Captioned Phones

For the most severe hearing loss, the best option is to get on a phone that won’t make you rely on your ears at all. Speech-to-text captioning can let you catch every word in real time.

  • Phones with Tone Adjustment

Speakerphone amplifiers aren’t all about volume. In fact, the best product includes a tone adjustment to supplement those who suffer from hearing loss. This is especially useful when trying to distinguish between more than one voice, as in a conference call.

  • Simple Amplifiers

If your hearing loss is only mild, then looking for a portable speaker will make your life easy. These little devices can plug into your phone and offer a bit of extra boost to your volume, to help you catch every word.

Top Qualities of a Speakerphone Amplifier

No matter what type of speakerphone amplifier you choose, it should have all of the qualities that are most important to you.

  • Power

What’s the use of a speakerphone amplifier that isn’t loud enough? When it’s not possible to test the product firsthand, check the customer reviews to ensure you’re getting the power you need.

Power can come in many forms. Pair your speakerphone amplifier with an alarm clock for the hearing impaired, so you can always stay on top of your schedule.

  • Portability

Do most of your important calls happen while at home, or out and about? Either way, there are options available for you to choose from. Portable speakers should come with a bit of extra durability and a longer battery life.

  • Compatibility

With all of the different devices available today, it’s easy to lose track of which pairs with what. Always check to make sure your choice of speakerphone amplifier pairs with your home device before buying. Otherwise, find out whether your favorite amplifier for phone speaker is best for use with landline or smartphones.

Looking for more ways to stay connected? Try out one of my favorite laptops for seniors.

Use an Amplifier for Your Phone Speaker

There’s no need to miss even a single word while on the phone with those close to you. With the right amplifier for phone speakers, each and every utterance will be as clear as you need it to be. Whether you are looking for something for your home or to use on the go, you should be able to find something perfect here.

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